Blog Migration

You may have noticed or better yet, you haven’t: we switched the WALS blog to a new software, WordPress μ. While I hope this move went without glitches, I’m almost sure it didn’t. So if you spot any problems, let us know.

Unfortunately, all feed URLs have changed. We try to redirect to the appropriate new ones, but probably you will have to update any subscriptions you may have.

2 Responses to “Blog Migration”

  1. michael cysouw Says:

    Maybe you could also customize the Favicon. In my RSS reader it still shown the default ‘mu’ icon. Could you use the same Favicon as in the address bar?

  2. robert Says:

    hm. that’s not easy. HTML pages provide a mechanism to specify a favicon at a different location than the default

    But for the feeds i would have to provide a different favicon exactly there. If i fond a way to accomplish this via webserver configuration, i’ll give it a go. Otherwise we’ll have to live with the current state.

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