Datapoint for feature 1 and language wals_code_scs

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  1. Martin Kümmel Says:

    The language given in UPSID (Maddieson 1984, p. 276, no. 55) as „Lappish“ should be the same, since the reference given for it is Hasselbrink (1965). But the system presented in UPSID lists only 20 consonants, i.e., a rather small inventory that should have been classified as „average“ in the WALS – contrast to the certainly rather large inventories of North and Kildin Saami. If we consider the title of Hasselbrink’s work, the WALS might have used an „alternative“ analysis – e.g., with palatalized consonants. But in any case the discrepancy between the UPSID and the WALS may certainly be disturbing.

  2. Martin Kümmel Says:

    Update: I found that in more recent versions of UPSID, the two extreme Saami languages have indeed been mixed up, see “The Southern dialect described by Hassselbrink (1965) has been interpreted in the light of the more phonetically detailed but less phonological description of an Eastern dialect by Kert (1971)”. But these are not simply dialects but quite distinct languages. For South Saami, modern descriptions rather point to allophonic or suprasegmental palatalization (Hasselbrink 1981) if any.

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