Datapoint for feature 102A and language wals_code_anj

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 102A and language wals_code_anj.

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  1. k1234567890y Says:

    seems that there are something wrong, according to the data provided below, I think the value of it should be “Person marking of only the A argument”

  2. Matthew Dryer Says:

    No, there is no error, but because of the way examples from chapters were automatically added to the set of examples for online WALS, this example is indeed confusing. Anna Siewierska cites this Anejom example in her chapter to illustrate an example of a subject marker that cannot be bound to the verb and which therefore by her criteria does not count as verbal subject marking.

    The language has suffixes for the P, but only when they are pronominal; there is no object suffix when there is an overt noun phrase denoting the object, as in the example cited.

    Hence the language is correctly classified as “Person marking of only the P argument”.

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