Datapoint for feature 108A and language wals_code_kab

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 108A and language wals_code_kab.

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  1. Peter Arkadiev Says:

    Data from Kabardian is misinterpreted due to the inadequacy of the source. There is a mistake in Colarusso’s example on p. 106 (the object of an antipassive verb, if it is expressed at all in the first place, which is normally not the case, cannot appear in the Absolutive case). The situation with antipassives in Kabardian (and in the closely related Adyghe) is complex; see e.g. Smeets 1992, Kumakhov & Vamling (2006). Generally, antipassivization renders the verb monovalent, i.e. the original object can no longer be expressed at all. With some verbs the object can be expressed as an adjunct in the Instrumental case, and another couple of verbs have a bivalent antipassive with the original O expressed as a indirect object cross-referenced in the verb and marked with the Oblique case used for non-Absolutive arguments.

    Kumaxov, Muxadin A., Vamling, Karina. 2006. Ėrgativnost’ v čerkesskix jazykax. Malmö: Malmö University: School of International Migration and Ethnic Relations. 2006.
    Smeets R. On valencies, actants and actant coding in Circassian. // G. Hewitt (ed.), Caucasian Perspectives. München, Newcastle: LINCOM Europa, 1992, pp. 98—144.

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