Datapoint Izi / Negative Morphemes

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  1. Basil Ovu Says:

    The pre-verbal negative morpheme is further subject to vowel harmony. “to” can also be “te” if the 3SG ends with “e” E.g. We te-me-du-re (3PL NEG-do-NEG-suffix-well. This pattern of negation is common in other dialect clusters around Ezii such as Ezza, Ikwo, etc. I am a native speaker of Ezza and I am interested in negation in the language. Furthermore, there is a pattern of negation which bifurcates into tV—-du NEG and bV—–kwa NEG. The first is used for declarative negative sentences subject to relevant vowel harmony while the later is used with imperative sentences with a slight variation between “kwa” and “shi” in the last element. On the whole the pattern of negation found in the language should be treated more a case of bipartite negation in the light of Bell (2004) with its attendant syntactic and morphophonological restrictions.

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