Datapoint for feature 116A and language wals_code_mnc

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 116A and language wals_code_mnc.

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  1. Andreas Hölzl Says:

    The grammar by Haenisch is misleading. Gorelova (2002: 597), for instance, calls the markers n(i), o and nio “interrogative particles”. I my opinion both descriptions are false, however. We are rather dealing with enclitics (or an enclitic group in the case of =ni=o), similar to the surrounding languages.

    Evidence for this claim can be found, among other things, in the fact that the markers show a “low degree of selection with respect to their hosts” (Zwicky 1985: 299): =ni, for instance, can attach to nouns (turgun=ni), verbforms (gisure-mbi=ni), or participles (bi.he=ni). It is always the last element to attach to the host, nothing can attach to it except another enclitic (=ni=o).

    Gorelova, Liliya M. 2002. Manchu grammar. Leiden, Boston, Köln: Brill.
    Zwicky, Arnold M. 1985. Clitics and Particles. Language 61.2, 283-305.

    Andreas Hölzl, Munich, Germany

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