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  1. viktor Bautista i Roca Says:

    Why Catalan syllable structure is considered only moderatelly complex? There are words like «quarts» (fourths) that sound /kwarts/, so CCVCCC or «prests» (ready to do something, in plural) CCVCCC.

    More examples:

    «Blancs» (whites): CCVCC (in some dialects, CCVCCC)

    *Porcs» (pigs): CVCCC

    «Pregs« (prayers): CCVCC

    «Plats» (dishes / plates): CCVCC

    «Trist» (sad): CCVCC (in some dialect the plural is «trists», CCVCCC)

    «Estranys» (rares): VC-CCVCC

    «Brins» (little portions): CCVCC

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