Datapoint for feature 138 and language wals_code_sno

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  1. Jussi Ylikoski Says:

    Contrary to the claim made by WALS, the North Saami word /deadja/ for ‘tea’ is a more or less obvious loan from the Scandinavian /te/ (and Finnish /tee/ of the same origin). The word has only been slightly altered to suit the Saami morphology with scarcely any monosyllabic nouns (cf. e.g. North Saami /headja- : heajat/ < Finnish /hää-, häät/ ‘wedding’). (/deadja/ < /te/ is also mentioned in Korhonen, Mikko 1981: “Johdatus lapin kielen historiaan”, p. 134.)

  2. The World Atlas of Language Structures Online » Blog Archive » Value assignment error in chapter 138 for Saami (Northern) Says:

    [...] The value for feature 138 (Tea) for Saami (Northern) will be corrected in the next edition of WALS Online. The correct value is “Derived from Min Nan Chinese te”, not “Others”. (See also the related blog comment.) [...]

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