Datapoint Arabic (Egyptian) / Absence of Common Consonants

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2 Responses to “Datapoint Arabic (Egyptian) / Absence of Common Consonants”

  1. Carl Stoll Says:

    The statement “All common consonants are present in Egyptian Arabic” is utterly false. All dialects of Arabic lack the P phoneme.

  2. Yehonathan Shatz Says:

    The phrasing here is somewhat misleading. When it says “all common consonants are present”, it really means “all common *classes* of consonants are present. Specifically, even though Arabic does not have a p sound, it DOES have a b sound, so the consonant class “bilabial” is present in Arabic. This terminology is explained in the introduction to the chapter this datapoint is associated with, “Chapter 1: absence of common consonants”, in the introduction section of that chapter.

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