Datapoint Lushootseed / Absence of Common Consonants

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  1. Geoffrey Caveney Says:

    Lushootseed should be included among the “No nasals” languages. Lushootseed has no nasal phonemes, and nasal sounds only appear as rare allophones of /b/ and /d/ “in certain special words and speech styles” (Bates et al. 1994: xiii).

  2. Love Misuraca Says:

    Shoot seed lulu

  3. Geoffrey Caveney Says:

    By the way, the spelling of the language name Lushootseed is indeed intended to reflect the English pronunciation of “shoot” and “seed”, but the “u” in “Lu” is used to indicate a short unstressed schwa sound, not a long stressed [u:] sound as in “shoot” or “lulu”. So a more accurate phrase would be something like “le shoot seed”, with “le” pronounced as in French.

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