Datapoint Chukchi / Consonant Inventories

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  1. Inna Says:

    I hope I understand that right from the chapter “Consonant Inventories” that small inventories are those with 6-14 consonants and moderately small are from 15 to 18. If so, Chukchi is expected to be marked as a language with small inventory, not moderately small – in both [Krause 1980: 16] and [Скорик 1961: 26] we have 14 Chukchi consonants, as well as in [Скорик 1997], while [Dunn 1999: 37] and [Асиновский 2003: 75] even insist there are 13 segmental consonant phonemes (without glottal stop). Nevertheless we have Chukchi marked with light blue in the map, not with dark blue. That is sad; I would be very grateful and happy if Mr Ian Maddieson and his team could take this into account and may be correct the marking or explain their decision.

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