Datapoint for feature 1A and language wals_code_mgg

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 1A and language wals_code_mgg.

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  1. Keith Slater Says:

    The sources for “Mangghuer” are not actually all dealing with the same variety. Therefore, the features listed are not actually all relevant to this variety. Todaeva worked primarily with Mongghul, the variety of “Tu” or “Monguor” spoken in Huzhu County and surrounding areas. In contrast, Slater’s materials are from the Minhe area, and reflect the variety called Mangghuer. In sum, the features given here for “Mangghuer” are not all in fact relevant–some properly belong to Mongghul instead. For more specific information, researchers could start with Janhunen’s 2003 volume “The Mongolic Languages”, which treats Mongghul and Mangghuer as separate languages and gives an introduction to their respective linguistic features.

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