Datapoint Thai / Inflectional Synthesis of the Verb

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2 Responses to “Datapoint Thai / Inflectional Synthesis of the Verb”

  1. Jean Delmer Says:

    Chapter 22 says that Thai may have inflection on it verbs, “2-3 categories per word”. I browsed through the quoted reference (Warotamasikkhadit 1972) but could not find any evidence of morphemes that would be bound to some verb root. Could someone please point me to examples of the same? To me as for now Thai remains a language with no verb inflection…?

  2. James D. Allen Says:

    I just now stumbled on this site. I pursued the question: Is Thai the MOST analytic of all languages? I was rather stunned to see the claim that Thai verbs have inflections. Although there are certain words used as prefix to verbs, I do not think these are considered “inflections.” Hence I believe the claim to be FALSE.

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