Datapoint for feature 2A and language wals_code_sor

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 2A and language wals_code_sor.

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  1. David Stampe Says:

    Sora does not have 5-6 vowels but nine: i e ɛ ɨ ə ɑ u o ɔ, without phonemic length.
    Ramamurti’s Telugu-influenced analysis with length, stress, etc., does not match any
    of the dialects he investigated. Actually even Ramamurti’s analysis can’t be taken
    to have fewer than nine vowels.

    The nine-vowel analysis, with occasional variations in symbols, has been
    independently arrived at in published and unpublished works produced since 1962
    by H. S. Biligiri, David Stampe, Stan Starosta, Bijoy Prasad Mahapatra, Raganayaki
    Mahapatra, Arlene R. K. Zide, Khageswar Mahapatra, and Arun Ghosh. Gregory D. S.
    Anderson’s report in his edited Munda Languages volume was a hurried replacement
    article based on very brief field work, but despite its uncertainties it is not
    incompatible with the majority analysis.

    Incidentally, the Sora New Testament of the Canadian Baptist Mission also
    nine vowels written i I e ü ə ɑ u U o (based on Ramamurti, w/o length or stress),
    where ü was Ramamurti’s misunderstanding of Sweet’s notion “mixed vowel”, really ɨ.
    The full Bible was published in the English alphabet, but except for writing ə and ɑ
    both as a, it also distinguishes the nine vowels (though with many mistakes).
    A detailed description of Sora phonology and phonetics is in preparation by
    Patricia Donegan,

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