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  1. Dimitǎr Says:

    The definite article in Bulgarian is affixed! I was very suprised to read otherwise at this datapoint. I could only check some snippets from Hubenova et al. 1968 in google docs but I don’t think it treats the Bulgarian article as aseparate word. For a detailed discussion of the topic check “Definiteness Marking in the Bulgarian” by Ascander Dost and Vera Gribanova available online here:
    There, it’s demonstrated that the article acts like an affix.

  2. Matthew Dryer Says:

    As explained in the chapter, phonologically bound elements whose placement is determined syntactically are treated as separate words, not affixes. The Bulgarian definite article is an example of such since its position depends on the structure of the noun phrase.

  3. Albi Qeli Says:

    I am a native speak of Albanian and you have correctly identified the Albanian language as one which makes use of (several different) postpositional affixes for things such as definiteness, case, and gender of nouns (and pronouns + adjectives).

    I am married to a Bulgarian woman, and I know enough about the subject to say that both Bulgarian and Macedonian are like Albanian in this respect, and different from other Slavic languages.

    eg prozorets = window, prozoretsa = the window

    reka = hand, rekata = the hand

  4. Arsenije Says:

    Bulgarian and Macedonian both have postpositive srticle, not a separate word.

  5. Matthew Dryer Says:

    I already responded to this about Bulgarian above. The chapter says

    In some languages, the definite marker is a clitic which can appear on nouns or on postnominal modifiers, most commonly on the final word in the noun phrase. Such definite clitics are not treated here as definite affixes, but as definite words

    However, I recognize that this is very confusing and the next edition of WALS will distinguish affixes from clitics from separate words.

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