Datapoint for feature 37A and language wals_code_jpn

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 37A and language wals_code_jpn.

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  1. Tom Dougherty Says:

    Japanese does not have definite or indefinite articles; the reference used to support the point that it has “No definite article but indefinite article” and ” Indefinite word distinct from numeral for ‘one’” says as much, even.

  2. Milan van Berlo Says:

    Like Tom Dougherty has alreay commented, Japanese does not have any articles, definite or indefinite. The reference cited (Hinds) mentions the word (adnominal) aru, which means something like ‘a certain…’. It is used quite sparingly, and certainly does not enjoy the status of an article. The closest Japanese comes to definiteness marking is probably with its topic marker wa, although that is of course still no article, and is not always definite.

    I’d be happy to provide a reference if you need one; let me know.

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