Datapoint for feature 37A and language wals_code_kha

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 37A and language wals_code_kha.

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  1. Henri de Solages Says:


    I don’t see why “нь” shouldn’t be regarded as the Mongolian definite article. Consider
    1) a mother speaking to her child: “Ээж нь амлая.” ( “THE mother (= I) promise.”
    2) “100 төгрөгтэй явснаас 100 найзтай явсан нь дээр ” ( (THE) having 100 friends is better than having 100 tôgrôgs.
    3) “―Хар нь уу, улаан нь уу? ―Хар нь?” ( ―THE black ONE or THE red ONE? ― THE black ONE? (Cf. French “―LA noire ou LA rousse ? ― LA noire?”).
    4) “Д.Золзаяа нь 5550 метрийн аяллыг хамгийн бага хугацаанд буюу ес хоногт гүйцэтгэсэн эхний хүн болж байгаа юм.” ( (THE) D. Zolzaya becomes the first person to have done the climb of 5550 m in the shortest delay, i.e. nine days. (Cf. Malagasy personal article “i”.)
    5) “Хүргэн болох гэж байсан хүн нь найзыг минь хөнөөсөнд одоо ч итгэхгүй юм” ( Even now I can’t believe that THE man who was to become son-in-law killed my friend.

    Admittedly in examples 4 and 5, “нь” has also the role of marking an end to the phrase, but definitely not in example 1; 2 and in the answer of example 3). In example 2, the article is not so “definite” and could as well be considered as indefinite.

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