Datapoint for feature 41A and language wals_code_ita

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 41A and language wals_code_ita.

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  1. Duccio Fanetti Says:

    Official and literary Italian has a person-oriented system with a three-way contrast: pron. “questo” adv. “qui” (near speaker); pron. “codesto” adv. “costì” (near hearer); pron. “quello” adv. “lì” (away from speaker and hearer).This system works also in Italian spoken in Toscana and Central Italy.

  2. Delvecchio Simone Says:

    In Italian there is a three-way contrast: “questo” (proximal), “codesto” (medial), and “quello” (distal) with their feminine, plural, and feminine-plural forms.

  3. Martin Haspelmath Says:

    Yes, this may be the case “officially”, but de facto, the form “codesto” is not used in the contemporary language, so it is right to ignore it, and to treat Italian as a language with a two-way contrast.

  4. Delvecchio Simone Says:

    The fact that “codesto” is rare do not means that it is not used.

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