Datapoint for feature 44A and language wals_code_fre

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 44A and language wals_code_fre.

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  1. Guillaume Allègre Says:

    That’s false. French have gendered pronouns for both singular (il / elle) and plural (ils / elles) 3rd persons.
    (I’m a native speaker)

  2. Isabeau Says:

    I would like to re-iterate that. That is false. Pronouns in french are gendered for 3rd person sing. AND plur.!!!

  3. JJM Says:

    Guillaume et Isabeau ont raison!

    French has both masculine (ils) and feminine (elles) third person plurals.

    You should check some of the other Romance languages too because this is a pretty common feature.

  4. Eli Nelson Says:

    Just wanted to agree with the other commenters here that this should be moved to \3rd person only, but also non-singular\, and a Google search suggests Italian and Greek are also misclassified — I’ll leave a comment on those language’s page as well.

  5. Mutre Says:

    I wanted to point out this mistake and I saw that four other people already did. I agree with everything that has been said before.

  6. Charles de Potter Says:

    In this chapter, it is said that only independent personnal pronouns are taken into account.

    But, even in those, there is gender in both the singular and the plural.

    Lui, elle.

    Eux, elles.

  7. Cal Says:

    As previously noted this is wrong, but also unsupported by the reference. The reference makes no mention to the third person plural at all under the section pronoun.

  8. Simona Says:

    What is the requirement for changing this feature? Should additional sources be provided?

  9. Robert Forkel Says:

    WALS features are contributed (and thus “owned”) by their authors. So to change a datapoint, you’d have to convince the author (in this case Anna Siewierska) to change it. Additional sources could help with that – but many WALS authors no longer really maintain their features, so the chance for changes in these cases is slim.

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