Datapoint for feature 44A and language wals_code_mnd

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 44A and language wals_code_mnd.

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  1. Brent B Says:

    Shouldn’t it be noted that 3rd person singular is only distinguished by gender orthographically? Both words are pronounced the exact same. If this is the criteria, then second person singular should be noted as being distinguished as there is an orthographic variant based on gender, but again, the word is pronounced the same for both orthographic variants. This should be changed to mark no distinction.

  2. Eli Nelson Says:

    I agree with Brent B. The orthographic distinction was made in imitation of Western languages that did have a gender distinction, but that’s a feature of the written language rather than the spoken. As a linguistic resource, it’s better for WALS to record data about languages as they are spoken. The current classification is misleading.

  3. Zhang Says:

    I strongly agree with both above. This datapoint is incorrect and should be fixed.

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