Datapoint Wappo / Voicing in Plosives and Fricatives

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  1. Aaron Marks Says:

    The assertion that Wappo has a voicing contrast in plosives is only correct if the extremely marginal voiced stops are included; these are completely restricted to a handful of Spanish loanwords. Natively, Wappo has no voicing contrasts in either plosives or fricatives.

    From Jesse O. Sawyer (1965), English-Wappo Vocabulary:

    [b] only appears in pà:loʔ blánkuʔ “pimp”

    [d] only appears in six Spanish loanwords:
    déðalʼ, “thimble”
    déne:doʔ, “fork”
    déwelʼsaʔ “to be in debt, to owe”
    dóloris “Dolores” (personal name)
    dúlseʔ “sweet, candy”
    ʔispháwdaʔ “baking powder”

    [g] only appears in ʔí:gus “fig(s)” and tarougoun “clothes hanger”, cited from an older vocabulary

    Based on this, I would argue that Wappo makes no real voicing distinction in its plosives.

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