Datapoint for feature 51A and language wals_code_bsq

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 51A and language wals_code_bsq.

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  1. ISHIZUKA Masayuki Says:

    Although many authors describe the case markers in Basque as suffixes, they should be considered postpositional clitics in the light of the definition: ‘while they[=the adpositional clitics] attach phonologically to some word, the word they attach to need not be a noun, and which word they attach to is determined syntactically.’

    The case markers in Basque do attach to a noun, an adjective or a determiner. In fact the word they are fixed to is the final one of noun phrases. See the examples below:

    1) bost gizon=i
    five man=DAT
    ‘to five men’
    2) gizon haue=i
    man these=DAT
    ‘to these men’
    3) bost gizon gazte=ri
    five man young=DAT
    ‘to five young men’

    The dative marker =(r)i is attached to a noun, a determiner, and an adjective in each sentence.

  2. Matthew Dryer Says:

    I don’t understand this comment. Basque is already coded as a language with postpositional clitics.

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