Datapoint for feature 54A and language wals_code_eng

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 54A and language wals_code_eng.

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  1. Sumner Says:

    This isn’t correct. English possesses these, but rarely uses them, preferring — as english is so often wont to do — the periphrastic construction.
    Two people can go walking doubly or singly, but we’d more often say they were alone or together.

  2. Nicholas Harlan Hancock Says:

    This is just my two cents, but as a native English speaker from Texas, I can’t remember ever reading or hearing that usage. If many people are like me, it could ve argued that it only exists for a fraction of English speakers. Also, it sounds like your saying “singly” and “doubly” refer to tge total number of people. That means they are not distributive numerals but actually away of specifying that numerals are NOT to be interprered as distributive.In addition this chapter specifically explains why it doesn’t count actual English translations of distributive numeral.

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