Datapoint Máku / Numeral Classifiers

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  1. Dendana Says:

    Máku’s value for Numeral Classifiers should be Optional in light of new data. Rogers (2020) describes two optional numeral classifiers -sy ‘period of time’ and -ʔnte ‘body part’ (p. 58-60). Examples include:

    nukuja-sy keʔl-ia
    one-CLF:TIME sun-moon
    ‘one day’

    tse-basuku baʔta-ʔnte Ø-sukute
    1I-foot two-CLF:BODY.PART 3P.S/A-full
    ‘two full feet’

    one sun-moon
    ‘one day’

    tse-baskate nukuja=mu
    1I-knee one=LIM
    ‘our [incl.] one knee’

    Rogers, Chris (2020). Máku: A Comprehensive Grammar. Taylor & Francis.

  2. Dendana Says:

    Wait a second…I just realized that this “Máku” on WALS is shown as being spoken in southern Colombia. The WALS code mkw corresponds to the ISO code for Kituba (Republic of Congo).

    However, the Máku language described in Rogers (2020) is spoken further east, on the border between Brazil and Venezuela in Roraima.

    What language is the WALS language ‘Máku’ intended to represent?

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