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  1. N. Kiel Says:

    Hi there,

    actually there is a numeral classifier for animates or especially humans in Sinhala which is postponed to the adjectival form of numerals or even suffixed to the roots of numerals like ‘one’ and ‘two’.

    It is:

    (-)dena or (-)denâ (definite forms)
    (-)den-ek (indefinite form)

    Etymologically it is said to be based on a former noun meaning ‘people, person’. Nowadays one can find an entry for dena/denâ meaning ‘cow’ or denotating ‘the female of any animal’etc.
    See for example page 28 in: Matzel, Klaus and Premalatha Jayawardena-Moser 2001: “Singhalesisch – Eine Einführung”. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.

    You should check Marathi as well again. There should be numeral classifiers in that language as well.

    N. Kiel

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