Datapoint for feature 66A and language wals_code_akn

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 66A and language wals_code_akn.

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  1. Ato Quansah Says:

    There is a past tense. It is signaled by a tonal system. For example, with the simple past tense, the syllables of the verb clause remain constant until the last vowel (on the last syllable of the verb) , where this vowel is elongated and a downstep is applied to its tone. With the past participle, an up-step is applied to the beginning of the noun clause (on the first syllable of the noun). This might not be apparent to non-native speakers, but this tonal ( tone-terracing) system is very real. Sometimes the tone is applied to the vocal accompaniment to nasal consonants making it ever more undetectable for non-native speakers yet still existent and necessary communicating in the language.

    These simple guidelines are just illustrative and their simplicity is their error because there is a highly complex system underlying the system, much like any language.

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