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  1. Natalia Perkova Says:

    I’d like to comment not only on this datapoint, but in fact on the relevant chapter, as the Latvian examples are cited and discussed there. In fact, the interpretation in the chapter is correct, as Latvian does indeed exploit the PRS.2SG form as the 2SG imperative. The situation with the 2PL plural is a bit tricky. The example here in WALS is not exactly the dedicated form, which would be rather Runājiet! (where -iet- is a suffix/ending specific for the imperative only)

    The tricky thing is that the PRS.2PL in the imperative function indeed occurred in old texts and still occurs in non-standard Latvian, but the form here in the chapter is even not the present, but the past form of the verb ‘to say, to speak’ (the present would be Runājat!)

  2. Natalia Perkova Says:

    As for the reference, the cited book (Nau 1998) is valid, see page 34.

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