Datapoint for feature 71A and language wals_code_jpn

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 71A and language wals_code_jpn.

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  1. Chitano Says:

    I don’t know which kind of prohibitive construction in Japanese is referred to, but my knowledge of Japanese suggests that none of the constructions use the normal imperative with a special negative. Take “Don’t drink (alcohol)!” as an example:

    For the purpose of contrast, I would list some basic constructions for “Drink!”:

    (1) Nome. Impolite form.
    (2) Nonde kudasai. Polite form.
    In addition, there exist some constructions in which another verb is used, which I am not going to discuss.

    On constrast, “Don’t drink” would be:
    (1) Nomu na. nomu is the indicative form (and can never be used as imperative), and na is a prohibitive particle, so this construction is “special imperative + special negative”.
    (2) Nomanaide kudasai. Here the construction is verb-negative mark-imperative mark. I would treat this as “normal imperative + normal negative”.

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