Datapoint for feature 77A and language wals_code_map

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 77A and language wals_code_map.

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  1. Ole Nedergaard Thomsen Says:

    Concerning: No grammatical evidential in Mapudungun (you refer to Smeets 1989!!!). To the best of my knowledge, this claim is simply not true. In Smeets (1989, p. 322 ff.) it says quite clearly: ”[-(ü)rke] … indicates that the denoted situation has not been witnessed by the speaker himself. [It] indicates that the speaker is informed by others, has heard rumours, or has deduced a conclusion. Although the source of information is left unspecified, it is usually evident who the source of information is. I found [it] in indicative forms only. [It] is very frequent in narratives.”

    In fact evidentiality or mediativity (plus mirativity) is mentioned in every handbook/grammar/descripition of the language by the specialist of the language, right from the beginning! How come you haven’t consulted the relevant sources, before ruling out a category for a language.

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