Datapoint for feature 81B and language wals_code_hun

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  1. Thomas Hart Chappell Says:

    Why does Hungarian have the two orders SOV and SVO equally dominant, yet have VO order-type dominant, for its transitive clauses? Are VSO and VOS so much more common than OSV and OVS that they override the SOV clauses? Or what?

  2. Matthew Dryer Says:

    Thanks, this is a mistake. Hungarian should be coded as OV/VO. This will be corrected.

  3. Thomas Hart Chappell Says:

    In feature 83A Hungarian is still coded as VO; in January 2015 I think you said it should be coded as
    o dominant order for feature 83A.
    I assume it still appears as VO because it takes longer than 8 months to propagate the change to the database and publish the change.
    Which raises the question; about how long does it take? About a year, maybe?
    — Thanks.

  4. Robert Forkel Says:

    About a year, or longer. We do not have a fixed schedule for WALS updates – other than not having more than one in a year. The errata page is here: and in the comments here.

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