Datapoint Kuikúro / Order of Subject and Verb

Discuss WALS Datapoint Kuikúro / Order of Subject and Verb.

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  1. Thomas Hart Chappell Says: features 81, and 82; languages w inconsistencies?

    Combine feature 81A with feature 82A. You will see four languages with OVS for feature 81A but SV for feature 82A; namely, Kuikúro, Mangarrayi, Päri, and Ungarinjin.

    Can anyone find out why these apparent inconsistencies exist? Or why they’re “only apparent” (if in fact they are only apparent)?

  2. Matthew S. Dryer Says:

    These are explained in the chapter

    As explained, the chapter on order of subject and verb is order of intransitive subject and verb. For example, Manggarayi is OVS for transitive clauses but SV for intransitive ones.

  3. Thomas Hart Chappell Says:

    I guess I posted the same question twice. I apologize. Thanks for the answer.

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