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  1. Geoffrey Benjamin Says:

    Initial velar nasals DO occur in Temiar. See Benjamin 1976: 133.

  2. Greg Anderson Says:

    This must totally be my fault for not checking more carefully. Being someone who works on Austroasiatic of course I know Temiar, like most AA languages except almost all Munda ones, has initial velar nasal. If Temiar is listed as not having it of course this is wrong and I am glad it was noticed. Thanks much. I was unaware that I had not listed this as initial velar nasal having. It is I guess this is sort of like the WALS entry equivalent of a typo (not that that technicality matters, it is wrong whatever the reason) since it is something I was unfortunately already aware of, but failed to see was inaccurately represented. Thanks again for catching this!

  3. The World Atlas of Language Structures Online » Blog Archive » Value assignment error in chapter 9 for Temiar Says:

    [...] The value for feature 9 (The Velar Nasal) for Temiar will be corrected in the next edition of WALS Online. The correct value is “Initial velar nasal”, not “”No initial velar nasal. (See also the telated blog coment.) [...]

  4. Chris Hinkle Says:

    Khmer also has initial velar nasals.

  5. Chris Hinkle Says:

    Cf Jacobs 1968, p. 7 for examples of initial velar nasal in Khmer.

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