Datapoint for feature 90 and language wals_code_brs

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  1. Lewis Lawyer Says:

    The cited passage in Jones & Jones (1991, pp.149-153) does not claim that relative clauses (”nominalizations”) generally come after the head noun. I think they make no claim about the relative order of nominalizations and head noun. Though most of their examples are in NRel order, not all are. In addition to the apparently systematic case of nouns like _gubu_ “log” which are “used as classifiers” and thus occur at the right periphery of the nominalization, example (492) shows a RelN structure with a non-classifier-like head noun. Is there some other source for calling Barasano NRel?

  2. Matthew Dryer Says:

    When a grammar describes one order in a language for a pair of elements and then later says that it is also possible to use the opposite order and gives fewer examples of the opposite order, I take that to imply that the first order is more common than the opposite order. Jones and Jones’ (1991: 149-153) description of relative clauses in Barasano (which they actually deny are relative clauses, but they meet the criteria assumed in this WALS chapter) is an example of this, and that is the basis for considering NRel order dominant in Barasano.

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