Datapoint for feature 92A and language wals_code_bco

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  1. Paul Kroeber Says:

    Not sure why Bella Coola (Salish) is coded as having “no (polar) question particle” (feature 92A and language wals_code_bco). Polar questions have a second-position enclitic =a (~ =ya) — see Nater’s grammar (1984: 128). Admittedly it may be a little tricky to distinguish between enclitics vs. suffixes of verbs in Bella Coola, given that the language has very rigid predicate-initial word order — but examples Nater cites include a variety of predicate types including nonverbal ones, and he also points out that =a can be encliticized to the negator, one of the few things that can precede the predicate.

  2. Paul Kroeber Says:

    I see (something I should have checked before) that for Feature 116A: Polar Questions, Bella Coola is listed as having “interrogative verb morphology”, which I take it means that the polar question marker =a (Nater 1984: 128) is being regarded for coding purposes as a suffix to the verb rather than as a second-position enclitic. I’d still argue that =a seems better thought of as an enclitic (and therefore a second-position question particle, rather than interrogative verb morphology), on the grounds in my previous comment, though an enclitic/suffix distinction is trickier in Bella Coola than in some languages.

  3. Matthew Dryer Says:

    I was aware that Nater analyses it as a clitic, but my primary source is Davis and Saunders, who treat it as an affix.

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