Datapoint for feature 92A and language wals_code_fre

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 92A and language wals_code_fre.

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  1. Régis Dumoulin Says:

    If “Est-ce que” can be used to mark a question, it is not the only way, especially in written French.

    The word order can also be used, when this is done, your exemple “Est-ce que le président vient?” becomes “Le président vient-il?”

    In fact the “est-ce que” form is seen as a less “éducated” way of speaking than the one using the word order to express a question.

    In addition, in verbal conversation, as in Catalan, a polar question can also be expressed purely by the intonation: “Le président viens?”

    Here are 3 ways of asking “Are you coming tonight?”

    Venez-vous ce soir?
    Est-ce que vous venez ce soir?
    Vous venez ce soir?

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