Datapoint for feature 92A and language wals_code_tho

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  1. Paul Kroeber Says:

    Datapoint for feature 92A and language wals_code_tho: Thompson (Salish) is listed as having “Initial” position of polar question particle. Actually it should be “In either of two positions”. Polar questions are marked either by a second-position enclitic n’ (glottalized n) (Thompson and Thompson 1992: 139-41), or by a sentence-initial marker cké?e [c = alveopal. affricate, ? = glottal stop] (ibid. 166). This is essentially the same configuration that is reported (correctly) in the data point for Thompson’s neighbor Shuswap. (Additional remark: In both Thompson and Shuswap, the sentence-initial question marker causes the rest of the sentence to be nominalized — in essentially the same form as various semantic sorts of irrealis complement clauses in these languages. That is, the sentence-initial question marker looks like a complement-taking predicate. I assume that that’s not a parameter this chapter is trying to take account of, but conceivably it could raise questions about whether the sentence-initial marker is a “particle” in the same way that the second-position enclitic is.)

  2. Matthew Dryer Says:

    WALS will (eventually) be corrected on this point.

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