Datapoint for feature 94 and language wals_code_gku

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 94 and language wals_code_gku.

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  1. Hisao Tokizaki Says:

    The book shows the section title as “preposition”, but the data there show that the language has postpositional suffix.

  2. Matthew S. Dryer Says:

    While Adelaar (2004) refers to the items in question as postpositions, it is not clear from the data there that they are not simply case suffixes by my criteria: if bound morphemes always attach to nouns, I treat them as case suffixes, not as postpositions. If, on the other hand, they attach to postnominal modifiers rather than the noun when there are such postnominal modifiers, I treat them as postpositional clitics. I don’t know whether the latter is the case for Gününa Küne. My coding of this language as having prepositions is based on examples in Casamiquela (1983: 53-55).

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