Datapoint for feature 9A and language wals_code_iri

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 9A and language wals_code_iri.

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  1. Lars Braesicke Says:

    Of course there is a velar nasal in Irish, written -ng (e.g. long = ship, brionglóid = dream), in Munster dialect even -nn is pronounced as a velar nasal (e.g. Rinn, placename, engl. Ring,)
    And furthermore there is an initial velar nasal in case of eclipsis of the velar plosive g, eg. gairdín = garden, a ngairdín = their garden, ag an ngairdín = by the garden, etc.

  2. Christopher MacIsog Says:

    As stated above, this has no business being in the No Velar Nasal category, given that it not only has one, it even has it as an initial in certain grammatical situations.

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