Datapoint for feature 9A and language wals_code_jpn

Discuss WALS Datapoint for feature 9A and language wals_code_jpn.

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  1. Ben Showler Says:

    Hi, I had a question about this category, seeing as Japanese most definitely possesses a velar nasal. Was this categorization simply meant to imply that no such sound is recognized as a phoneme? If that was the case, I’d understand, but as it stands, it appears as though this portion describes Japanese as not possessing this consonant value at all, which is false. For example, you cite Shibatani as one of your sources, but in his book he himself comments on how even recently the distinction between internal /ŋ/ and /g/ has been changing. I speak Japanese fluently myself, and I can assure you, the Japanese internal /ŋ/ is still very much alive and active. Even without the /ŋ/ and /g/ distinction, the moraic nasal ん becomes /ŋ/ before /g/ and /k/, so it exists internally all the same. Just adding my two cents on the matter.


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