Datapoint Jurchen / The Velar Nasal

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  1. murawaki Says:

    WALS provides 8 features for Jurchen (WALS code: jur), but I think that this datapoint should be removed and that the remaining seven features should be merged into Nanai (WALS code: nai). WALS mixes Jurchen with Nanai (aka Hezhen). Jurchen is an extinct language that is closely related to, if not the direct ancestor of, the Manchu language. It should not be confused with Hezhen, another name for Nanai.

    WALS cites two sources for Jurchen. One is Pevnov (1997) for this datapoint and the other is Hang et al. (1989) for the remaining features. However, the titles suggest only Pevnov (1997) focuses on the Jurchen language. Hang et al. (1989) is about Hezhen.

    What is worse, Hang et al. (1989) is non-existent.
    - Hang, Yanchang and Xi, Hang and Shuyan, Ai. 1989. The Hezhen Language. Lin University Press.
    The correct citation must be:
    - Zhang, Yanchang and Zhang, Xi and Tai, Shuyan. 1989. The Hezhen Language. Jilin University Press.

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