Datapoint Kirghiz (Fu-Yu) / The Velar Nasal

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  1. Jonathan Washington Says:

    This value appears to be wrong.

    Tenishev (1997) does not mention a velar nasal in the consonant inventory. However, this source is based mostly on Tenishev (1966), which inferred a consonant inventory (also lacking a velar nasal) from a 53-word word list. None of the words of Turkic origin appear to be ones where an /ŋ/ would be expected in cognates in other Turkic languages.

    A much more comprehensive description of Fu-yü Gırgıs was presented by Zhen-hua and Imart (1987). They include /ŋ/ in the phoneme inventory, and there are examples of its use throughout the description: (in their transcription system) čapčaŋ ‘quickly’, arašaŋ ’spa’, anïŋ ‘his/her’, miniŋ ‘my’, -nIŋ ‘GEN’, ɢozuŋʁa ‘rabbit-DAT’, bariziŋ ‘you will go’, bardïŋar ‘you (pl) went’, and so on.

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