Datapoint specific comments revisited

Since we introduced the datapoint specific comments functionality, quite a few new posts to this blog have been created – by exactly this functionality. It turns out that most people just click the “comment” buttons out of curiosity, without actually commenting on a datapoint. While this shouldn’t come as a surprise, it is somewhat unintended and renders the feeds for the blog less useful, because they get cluttered with entries for these automatically created posts.

A solution for this problem may be to subscribe to more selective feeds for the blog. The feed URLs for single categories look like this, e.g. the feed for the “News” category is

If the rate at which new posts are created due to the new functionality increases notably, we may have to reconsider the current implementation, though. But at less than 10 new posts per day, we’ll keep it as it is, and apologize for any inconvenience.

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