Number of Cases

by Oliver A. Iggesen

3 Responses to “Number of Cases”

  1. Thomas Hart Chappell Says: seems to show many inconsistencies.
    Too many to list them all here.
    But for instance:
    How can Yurok have syncretism in core cases only when it has exclusively borderline case-marking?
    Why is Fur listed as having four cases in Feature 49 but as having no inflectional case-marking in feature 28?
    How can Fijian, French, and Spanish have case-syncretism (feature 28) when they have no morphological case (feature 49)?

  2. Thomas Hart Chappell Says:
    Why are Lavukaleve, Oneida, Zuni, Zulu, and Swahili mentioned as having no morphological cases in Feature 49 but as having case suffixes or case prefixes or mixed morphological case in Feature 51?

  3. Delvecchio Simone Says:

    In feature 28A of chapter 28 are considered both nominal and pronominal case inflections (the same is for feature 50A of chapter 50), while in feature 49A of chapter 49 only productive nominal case inflection patterns are considered.

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