Predicative Adjectives

by Leon Stassen

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  1. Delvecchio Simone Says:

    Also Italian language has a nonverbal encoding.
    - a. “Giovanni dorme.”
    - Giovanni dorm-e
    - John.M.SG sleep-3.SG
    - “John sleeps.”
    - b. “Giovanni è alto.”
    - Giovanni è alt-o
    - John.M.SG COP.3.SG.PRES.IMPF.IND tall-M.SG

    The agreement criterion is not respected. (verbs, excluding indefinite moods, have agreement for number and person, while adjectives have agreement for number and gender)
    The copula criterion is not respected.
    The negation criterion is respected.
    (1)a. “Giovanni non dorme.”
    (1)b. “Giovanni non è alto.”

    Combining the three criterions, we can conclude without dubts that the construction in example 1 has a nonverbal encoding for predicative adjectives, so Italian language has a ‘nonverbal encoding’ feature for map 118A.

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