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Unified map interface

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

With now three big map views in WALS Online (for features, combined features and language families) it was time to unify the user interface for these maps. With this rework we also wanted to enhance the printing experience for WALS Online maps.

Since the easiest way to print WALS Online maps is via screenshots, we wanted to provide more flexibility in rearranging the screen layout of our maps. Now

  • you can resize the big maps,
  • drag the legend to any position on the screen,
  • hide the legend.

We also added the functionality to display a list of languages for a certain set of values to all big maps. Clicking on the number of languages for a certain value in the legend will display this list above the map. Clicking on one of these languages will open the corresponding info window for the language marker on the map.


  • When resizing the map containers you may have to drag around the map a bit to stipulate loading of the missing map tiles to fill the container.
  • Printing of the underlying Google Maps is subject to Google’s permission guidelines.