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3 Responses to “Tea”

  1. SJ Mitchell Says:

    Overall a wonderful and very worthwhile website — but please amend the data
    on English words for tea! It may be colloquial, but ‘char’ or ‘cha’ is
    certainly commonly known as a word for tea, giving English words from both

    kind regards,
    Stephanie Mitchell

  2. Daria Petrashko Says:

    One little notice about Belarusian (by the way, this name is the more popular and used by native speakers).
    The word ‘чай’ (’chaj’) was borrowed from Russian, belarusians are bilingual, so it is often used in everyday life.
    But the Belarusian for ‘tea’ is ‘гарбата’ (’garbata’) which is similar (and, obviously, derived from it) to Polish ‘herbata’.
    Please, correct the map according to this.
    Best wishes,

  3. Joanna M Says:

    a note about the Polish “herbata” – the first part of the word “herb” refers directly to herbs or plats, but the ending “ta” is intonated quite strongly in the word, so I’d definitely put Poland in the “Tea” category!

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