WALS 2013

What’s new?

  • Updated data;
  • better integration of sources;
  • the web application is now based on the clld framework developed within the CLLD project.

What’s gone?

Probably the biggest feature no longer available in WALS Online is the functionality to combine two features on a map. The new framework WALS is built upon has a more general database model, in particular it allows for multiple values a language can have for the same feature. With this model, feature combinations are not as straight forward as was the case before.

But being implemented on top of clld does also mean that it’s a lot easier to access WALS data programmatically. So you can use map making software like Tilemill to combine data from multiple features (not only from WALS) on one map as explained here.

4 Responses to “WALS 2013”

  1. Robert Says:

    On popular demand the functionality to combine WALS features was re-implemented – pretty much the way it was before, except that now it is possible to combine up to 4 features; although the list of value combinations gets a bit lenghty in this case.

  2. Markus Says:

    Is it still possible to download CSV data for individual features?

  3. Robert Says:

    While re-implementing the feature combination, I also re-implemented tab-delimited-file export for single features (although these are not linked from anywhere so far): So http://wals.info/feature/1A.tab should give you again what you want.

  4. Robert Says:

    test comment

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